Content Planning Day

Use strategy to plan blog posts that live longer in search results to attract more clients.

Course Summary

I work with amazing coaches and consultants, like you. The only problem is you believed if you wrote valuable blog posts on your topic of expertise the ideal clients would find you.

That hasn’t happened and you’re wasting time and energy switching tactics. Your business deserves to get in front of your ideal clients so that you can make an impact in a way that you love.

Do you:
  • ✨ Brainstorm and brain dump about 11,573 blog post ideas but not know which to focus on first?
  • ✨ Drop loads of money on writers who don’t get your website traffic you know it’s capable of attracting?
  • ✨ Question the need and desirability of your blog post ideas when you only hear crickets on your content?
  • ✨ Feel drained from wasting energy and time or money on the blog post ideas that flopped?
  • ✨ Visualize every day how your ideal clients find you effortlessly and ask to work with you?

Imagine how good it will feel when your authority is recognized by Google, that effortless sale came through, and you feel relaxed hanging out with the family because your blog content plan is set.

✨ What if Your next blog post was your best performing blog post yet—the one that doubled your website traffic?
✨ What if you finally were able to strategically plan your blog content calendar to build authority and trust with both Google and your ideal client?
✨ What if you could proudly say your blog content marketing strategy for your business built your client roster to fill a waitlist?
✨ And what if it all happened without wasting any time, money or energy?

You’re a brilliant coach or consultant and you’re on a mission to improve lives. Whether you’re an up-and-coming industry leader or risking it all to run your own business, if you’re not getting in front of your ideal clients, you need to strategically plan your blog content calendar.

Content Planning Day is a 6-module course packed with information that will help you create your blog content calendar. In just a few hours, you’ll discover everything you need to know to review, plan, and manage your blog content so that your blog posts live longer in search results to attract more clients.
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Course Curriculum

Stefanie Gary

Stefanie Gary is the blog content writer and editor helping womxn coaches and consultants save time in planning, creating, and updating their blog posts so that their content can live longer in search results to attract more clients.

Stefanie’s hearing loss directed her towards a life-long love of words. She could’ve joined one of the family businesses in fitness or real estate, but writing called to her. Stefanie started her first blog in 2014. After many lessons, Stefanie pivoted in 2017 to help other online entrepreneurs improve their blog content marketing using what she’s learned to get an article found in search results.

Mimi Bishop

Business & Life Coach

Thank you again for a great session today. The world of SEO and keywords has alluded and quite frankly, intimidated me for a long time! Now I feel like I have some tools I can really wrap my mind around.

Ashleigh Magee

Health & Wellness Coach

I was super busy and felt overwhelmed trying to do all of the things by myself. It just wasn’t working. The SEO and keyword optimization are some of the biggest values. I would’ve never thought about those things. The best thing is I have content with a plan for more and I learned some things about keywords! I’m impressed.

Erica Martin

Web Design & Developer

Stefanie helped me refine my content writing as well as providing SEO value. Having a professional review my work to provide unbiased feedback has helped me better understand how I communicate with readers via a digital platform.

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