Stefanie Gary Consulting Portfolio

"The world of SEO and keywords has alluded and quite frankly, intimidated me for a long time! Now I feel like I have some tools I can really wrap my mind around."
Mimi Bishop

Business & Life Coach

"Thank you for the ideas on how to make writing a bit easier. Just having these ideas helped me out. At the very minimum, my mindset shifted into 'this is possible and there are some outside the box solutions.'"
Lauren Dietrich

Sales Consultant

"Stefanie helped me refine my content writing so it could be technically accurate while still invoking the right tone, as well as providing SEO value. I would highly recommend Stefanie's services to anyone producing authoritative content."
Erica Martin

Web Design & Developer

Editing Samples

Web Designer & Developer

Experiential Event Agency

Digital Magazine Publisher

"I was super busy and I felt overwhelmed trying to do all of the things myself. It just wasn't working. The SEO and keyword optimization are some of the biggest values. I would've never thought about those things. The best thing is I have content with a plan for more and I learned some new things about keywords! I'm impressed."
Ashleigh Magee

Health & Wellness Coach

"I highly recommend Stefanie for anyone needing writing or proofreading assistance. She showed great attention to detail, offered suggestions to improve my copy and was very responsive to questions I had which was helpful, considering the tight deadline I was working with. I look forward to working with her on many more projects."
Aja Bradley-Kemp

Founder & CEO

"I've worked closely with Stefanie and would highly recommend her. She always delivers and her work is phenomenal."
Ariel Mosimann

Marketing Coach